Game Launcher Concept

I created a modern and intuitive yet familiar design for a game launcher. This entailed the development of a custom editor for community content and the establishment of a hub where the discovery of new content is curated through a unique rating system, prioritizing encouragement and praise.

AJ Robotic Arm Controller

Designed and programmed the GUI to allow quick and intuitive motion design for a custom-3d-printed robotic arm controller in collaboration with a research project at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Sci-fi menu for unity

A flexible menu for the Unity game engine Asset Store that dynamically adjusts to various screen resolutions, requires no code changes by the user to customize the layout, as well as includes a custom theme editor for easy color and style adjustments.

Organic minimalist menu for unity 

Drawing inspiration from modern and urban interface designs, I developed a comprehensive menu package for the Unity Asset Store. It boasts a responsive feel, clean design, an intuitive and customizable layout, and draws inspiration from trends seen in AAA titles.


Additional in-game screenshots with my environment design and implementation, concept work, software UI, and Asset Store products.