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Film & Tv


Unannounced Film* – Dir. Brittany Goodwin
Operation Dark Site* – Dir. Matthew Myslinski


Operation Dark Site – Dir. Matthew Myslinski
Cream of the Crop – Dir. Douglas Maddox [Composer]
Into The Gamerverse – Dir. Andrei Shulgach [Composer]


2020 Recap Official Music Video – Dir. Andrei Shulgach [Directed, Produced, Edited, Composed]
The Fellowship of the King – Dir. Andrei Shulgach [Composer]
Dead End – Dir. Andrew Mandapat & Cullen Wright [Composer]


Red vs Blue: ZERO | Season 18 Ep. 3 – Dir. Torrian Crawford [Composer]
Time Travel Adventure – Dir. Andrei Shulgach [Composer]
Forsaken Things – Dir. Ferenc Gregor [Main Theme Composer]
Awe Me Artists Series: Forged Copper Mask – Dir. Kerry Stagmer [Composer]
Awe Me Artists Series: Forged Viking Knife – Dir. Kerry Stagmer [Composer]
Awe Me Artists Series: Forged Horseman’s Dagger – Dir. Kerry Stagmer [Composer]
Awe Me Artists Series: Carving an Eagle Head – Dir. Kerry Stagmer [Composer]
Awe Me Artists Series: Carving the Dead Dragon Seax – Dir. Kerry Stagmer [Composer]
Gift – Dir. Vince Eisenson [Composer]
Happiness – Dir. Stan Pe [Composer]


Awe Me Artists Series – Dir. Kerry Stagmer [Theme Song]
The Demons Inside Us – Dir. Chase Garcia [Composer]
Osiris – Dir. Andrew Boone [Sound Designer]
First Lady – Dir. Nina May [Composer]
*I AM – Dir. Carlo Sciortino [Composer]
*The Shadow – Dir. Andrew Mandapat & Cullen Wright [Composer]
Badge of Honor – Dir. Brandon Davis [Composer]
Elevator Pitch – Dir. Nina May [Composer]
Flower – Dir. Katiana Weems [Composer]
Project Cadmus – Dir. Everett Glovier & Zach Myers [Composer]


Mount Hideaway – Dir. Brett Monk [Composer]
Daily Bread (All Seasons) – Dir. Nina May [Composer]
Four Corners – Dir. Matthew Myslinki [Composer]
Final Refrain – Dir. Kristin Kinsey [Composer]
ViewPoint – Dir. Grant Deliberto [Composer]
Specter – Dir. Grant Deliberto [Composer]


Howitz – Dir. Phil Greenwood [Composer]
Mount Hideaway (Promotional Video) – Dir. Grant Deliberto [Composer]
Ebb (Documentary) – Dir. Michael Tellup [Composer]
Moonlight Suburbia – Dir. Arshum Rouhanian [Additional Music]
Revisions – Dir. Russ Milheim & Nathan Shinholt [Composer]
Abstract – Dir. Deon Griffin [Composer]
The Mark – Dir. Ron Newcomb [Composer]


Star Wars – Revan: The Fall Trailer – Dir. Phil Greenwood & Steven Shulgach [Composer]
The Furies Ep. 1 – Dir. Arel Avellino [Composer]
Prophet – Dir. Deon Griffin [Composer]
Remember – Dir. Daniel Offenbacher [Composer]
A Godly Manner – Dir. Matthew Myslinki [Composer]


Jack of All Trades – Dir. Andrew Skidmore [Composer]
A Day With God – Dir. Arshum Rouhanian [Composer]
Leave A Message – Dir. Andrew Skidmore [Additional Music]
Play Nice – Dir. Deon Griffin [Composer]
Lightyears – Dir. Matthew Myslinski [Composer]
Revan – Dir. Steven Shulgach, Andrei Shulgach [Sound Designer/Co-Dir./Head Producer/VFX Assistant/Composer/Audio Lead/Script Supervisor/Writer]


Special Delivery – Dir. Matthew Myslinski [Composer]
Thou Shalt Not Steal – Dir. Rachel Armiger [Composer]
Driving – Dir. Phillip Greenwood, Tim Torre [Composer, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor]
All’s Fair – Dir. Deon Griffin, Donut Guy Productions [Composer, Additional SFX]
In Good Standing – Dir. Zach Myers, Straight Res Productions [Composer/Audio Engineer/Boom Operator/Audio Playback Monitor]
The Lift Project (Season 1) – Dir. Pete Merski [Composer]


Once Upon A Time – By Steven Shulgach [Composer/SFX]
The Power Of Music – By Steven Shulgach [Composer/Additional SFX]
Just One More Level – By Steven Shulgach [Composer/SFX]
Failtastic – By Steven Shulgach [Composer]
Techbrick FRC 3941 Chairman’s Video – Dir. Andrei Shulgach [Composer, Director, Editor]

*Not Yet Released



Awakening (Mobile) – Legends of Learning [Composer]
*Gladiux (PC/Consoles)- Starcaster Games [Composer]


Red Alliance (PC) – 2ndUp Studios [Composer/Voice]
The Water World – Fractured Games [Composer]


Tap The Gap (Mobile) – Fractured Games [Composer/Sound Designer]


Sunshine City – Legends of Learning [Composer]


Andrew Jackson – Legends of Learning [Composer]


Elite Force (PC) – Fractured Games [Composer/Sound Designer]


Night Shift (PC) – Fractured Games [Composer/Sound Designer]
Warmerise: Red vs Blue (PC) – NSDesign Games [Composer/Voice]


Dead Lab (PC) – Fractured Games [Composer/Sound Designer]

Performance & Song Producing

2021 | 2020 Recap | Omega Sparx | [Producer]
2021 Girl At The Party | Oksanna Shulgach | [Producer]
2020 Touch The Sky | DA-WOLF, LadyJ, Omega Sparx, Prowess The Testament, Twill Distilled | [Producer]
2020 | Legacy | OMEGA Sparx, SWATS | [Producer]
2020 | So Many Me | OMEGA Sparx, SWATS | [Producer]
2020 | Assembled | NerdOut, OMEGA Sparx, SWATS | [Producer]
2020K​.​O. (Official The King of Fighters Allstar Hype Song) | OMEGA Sparx, SWATS | [Guitar Leads]
2020Legends (The King of Fighters Allstar ) | OMEGA Sparx, SWATS | [Guitar Leads]
2019Through It All feat. Oksanna Shulgach [Producer]
2017Emmanuel | Colors of Christmas Album [String Arrangement]
2016 Just Breathe feat. Marcus Munroe [Producer]


2019-2021 | Cineshots Short Scenes/Films – Dir. Steven Shulgach / Gabriela Kostadinova [Composer]
2019 | 3CPM (Corporate) – Dir. Andrei Shulgach [Composer]
2019 | Cineshots Short Scenes/Films – Dir. Steven Shulgach / Gabriela Kostadinova [Composer]
2015 | Legg Mason Training (Corporate) – Dir. Matthew Myslinski [Composer]
2014 | The Lift Project (Web Series Promotion) – Dir. Pete Merski [Composer]
2013 | Protect This Poe House (Historical Site Promotion) – GiveCorps [Composer]
2013 | A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Playwright) – Dir. Paula Hoppel [Composer]
2012 | Les Miserables (Playwright) – Dir. Mary Klopcic [Additional Music / Sound Design]

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